Diploma in Early Childhood ECDE Courses

Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECDE) is designed to qualify students to teach in early learning environments and make a difference in little learners. You will learn how to effectively engage children through visual arts, music, literacy, mathematics and more, using the latest technologies and practical skills.
The programme will also train learners at a social level, how to respond to family diversity, special needs, and linguistically diverse children. Additionally Diploma in Education in Early Childhood will help learners to apply what they have learned ­– while gaining real experience – through supervised placements in a range of learning environments to teach children who fall in the category of early childhood.

Course Requirements

To enroll for this programme, a student must meet the following minimum requirements;

  • Attained a mean grade of C+ (plus) in KCSE or equivalent
  • Certificate in ECDE or P2 with proficiency or C- with proficiency Certificate

Certificate in ECDE


KCSE D+ and above or D with proficiency certificate


The examinations will be conducted externally by the KNEC for both Diploma and Certificate

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