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Campus Sports

Baraton College participates in most college sports and has worn in most competitions.


The Drama Club writes its own skits and plays and performs at the college, secondary schools and churches.
The Debate Team conducts announced campus community forums and formal debates on poignant issues confronting contemporary culture.

Spiritual Life

Each member of the Baraton community seeks to develop spiritual insight and maturity flowing from a commitment to Jesus Christ as the true source of life. The joyous and enlightening corporate expression of personal faith and religious conviction is built into our programmes. Through various chapels, classroom attitudes and discussions, dorm life devotional experiences, and informal contacts with others on the campus, the college seeks to develop the student’s consciousness of Christian worship and Christian service.

Sunday Service and Worship

Each Sunday students are given the opportunity to worship and be involved in other Christian ministries at Baraton College and in the community.

Residential Life

All housing arrangements are made through the Dean of Students’ office. Currently the college has sufficient residence halls for both men and women on campus.
Residence hall dorm rooms are furnished with a single-size bed and foam mattress. Students should plan to furnish their own linens, blankets, pillow, and decorative items to personalize their living space. Small electrical appliances (i.e. radios, lamps) are permitted, but high-consumption appliances (i.e. iron boxes, immersion heaters, etc.) are not permitted in the dorm rooms without special permission granted from the Dean of Students.
Each residence hall is supervised by a residence hall assistant who works together with the Dean of Students. Every residential student is given the personal responsibility of an assigned area of the campus to maintain daily. This exercise not only reduces the cost of maintaining the college, but also develops good personal habits and self-discipline.


Baraton College provides students variety of entertainment facilities in all the campuses. Entertainment facilities are managed by the students through their association with the help of the Dean’s Office.